It all started at home as I was pouring myself a glass of water…

“Stick your hand in there for a couple of minutes while I show you some other stuff” she said. 

And so I did.

She had a curious small briefcase full of little tubes, goblets and capsules, as if carrying around a mini chemistry kit; taking samples of my tap water, bottled water and some from my Britta jar too, filling them and putting drops from strange pipettes and adding colorful solutions or powders here and there. Shake, drip, stir, swirl.

It was like watching an alchemist in action!

What I learnt with her that day put me into full detective mode…

I cannot say like many others that “I knew I would be in the health and wellness industry all my life”, far from it! I am an artist! And I still work in jewelry but I’m also deeply concerned about our health and that of the planet.

Life, in its own funny and sometimes unexpected ways, put serious disease along the way while simultaneously battling depression and anxiety.

You see, five years ago, my whole life was turned upside down! 

I lost my job (that had never happened to me!), my boyfriend had recently broken up with me (also a first! seriously), had no savings, my side business was getting me into deep debt, my credit card balances were high, and my mother was going through a delicate spine surgery. The horizon was grim. I was depressed, frustrated and feeling worthless. 

What did I do? Do what I knew best: eat and drink to pacify my soul… 

In the first 3 months after being job-less I gained 50lbs(!) and during the next year I gained another 60lbs. 

Gallons of cookies ‘n’ cream ice cream and 1.5L wine bottles were my comfort. My health was a wreck and my self-esteem was at an all-time low. I lived in a haze of self-denial, self-loathing and anxiety for the future.

With no income, my options were limited, time was of the essence and I had to get myself back up. I got odd jobs here and there to make some money and my spirit slowly lifted as I regained self-esteem, hope and courage. 

Going back to basics was the way out for me.

Taking care of the essentials in my life style, often overlooked by us all, were the keys to my recovery and I'd like to share that with you.

If I had not rebooted my lifestyle, I would be well over 250lbs right now, and at 5'1", that was way too much to carry around! My knees were already pleading for help and my chest was heaving and wheezing when I went to bed at night - all signs of obesity! 

And I knew it could all get even worse if I didn’t change...

Fast-forward and I have lost 100lbs, have a new, challenging job and am well on my way to fitness and total health! 

Surprisingly, the solutions were easy, affordable and it just took a bit of commitment to myself and readjusting some habits to make them work for me. 

I am grateful for the help I got along the way, the people that helped me have become an important part of my life now and are with me on this health journey. 

Yes, she’s also part of my team!

… She worked swiftly and precisely, telling me stories about all these nuances in our water that I had not even thought about before. It just comes out of the pipe and we use it, right? Wrong!

“You can take out your hand and dry it now” she instructed, “Come closer, check this out” she added. And she proceeded to sprinkle some bright neon-colored drops into the glass of water. Drip, stir, swirl. The liquid remained color-less! How come?!

On the session went with more surprises and baffling revelations.

And I’m sharing everything I have learnt with you, right here!

It’s time for you to restore your health, just like I did.

To your health!


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Ceci E. Velasco, is a New Jersey resident passionate about helping people learn the importance of water quality, deep sleep and clean air for optimum health. A former Architect and Urban Planner, she has training as a Water Technician and is a health advocate. Cecilia also works in the luxury goods industry and enjoys enameling in her spare time.

She helps over 1,000 people daily through her website to simplify and improve their health.

What lights her up about this work is knowing that solutions are accessible to everyone, they just need to decide to invite her to serve them in a simple but powerful way. What sets her apart is her personalized approach and exclusive access to world-class goods.

Cecilia is fiercely committed to guiding New Jersey families to achieve optimum well-being, so they can protect their family’s health and put their minds at ease.

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