Better sleep and the pursuit of electrifying restfulness - Part 6

As we have seen before, our homes have a web of electrical circuits that power all our appliances and lighting.

Nighttime exposure to EMFs can impair the depth and quality of sleep.

Sleep better with the healing power of the Earth.

Even though we live on this planet we are no longer in touch with it, literally

Have you ever experienced static energy and had a sudden jolt, when say, touching your car after putting on your jacket, especially in winter?

Static is the result of electric build up in your body, most of the time as a result of friction (eg: when putting your jacket on). Electrons in your body build up into minuscule voltages that will discharge as soon as they come into contact with any source of electric current, like your car.

We feel this static shock known as electrostatic discharge.

The usual tips on how to get rid of static are: wait it out so it naturally dissipates, touch any conducive material (like, again, your car door) or remove your shoes and socks and stand on the ground if you are outside (leather-soled shoes work).

This reminds us that we do experience excess electricity in our bodies from time to time and it will naturally discharge.

Child with hair sticking out due to static.A fun childhood game and a first experiment with physics!

We are electric beings living in an electromagnetic environment!

If being barefoot can discharge static, then being grounded (in connection with soil) is a way to connect you with the electric fields of the Earth, something we do while on the beach, for example, while on vacation.

Electric fields in our homes might be doing us more harm than good.
Our bedrooms, in particular, house a host of electronic devices: bedside lamps, chargers, window AC units, laptop or desktop computers, cell phones, Wi-fi routers, baby cams, virtual assistants, etc.

All these devices have electric fields that can be measured using a volt meter set to milliVolts AC.

Sleeping without all this ‘interference’ can, literally, energize you

Grounding is a technique that uses the Earth to balance the body’s electric charge.

The Earth beneath our feet provides healing power by means of its grounding capacity. As we walk barefoot we are soaking in the negative ions of the Earth, which counterbalance and drain excess electricity from our bodies.

It will help you sleep better and give you the same effect that Mother Nature does when you walk barefoot outside or when you fall asleep at the beach or in the mountains.

People walking barefoot at the beach.Walking barefoot on the beach, what a pleasure!

Grounding helps us fight chronic inflammation:

  • Will improve your health
  • Discharges positively charged electrons
  • Gives you unlimited access to negatively charged free electrons
  • Neutralize free radicals

Just like we talked previously about X-rays and how you should only go to so many per year, we don’t really know the impact all these electronic devices are having in our health long term.

Just because we don’t have “scientific evidence” does not mean it’s not a possibility.

You live in an environment full of electromagnetic radiation:

  • Mobile phones
  • Radio & TV
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • Electrical appliances

And all of them further disconnect us from the Earth!

There is a link between all chronic diseases including the aging process with chronic inflammation.

Inflammation, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, is the body’s immune system’s response to stimulus. Inflammation happens when the immune system fights against something that may turn out to be harmful.

Get better sleep by reducing the levels of electromagnetic radiation that your body is absorbing

Cup of coffee in bed early in the morning.Wake up serene and mellow with better sleep.

This will also improve blood oxygenation rates, improve endocrine and nervous system functioning and reduce overall inflammation.

Grounding mattresses may help you stave off EMFs because they have a special plug that comes with them that is plugged into the ground socket of any electric outlet in your bedroom and thus grounds your body.

A body voltage meter will further measure that you are not being exposed to any voltages or intermediate frequencies via the grounding cable.

Effective grounding will:

  • Reduce muscle tension
  • Improve the response of your immune system
  • Reduce stress levels and
  • Reduce cardiovascular risk

Warning: make sure you have a professional electrician check your home’s electrical wiring system before using a grounding mattress. New construction should be OK, but houses built in the 1960’s or before may have low amperage, old rubber wire insulation, no ground fault circuit interrupters (outlets without a third hole) and probably aluminum wiring that may cause arcs and overheating. The whole electric wiring system should be equipped with a ground fault circuit interruption system to be safe.

Using grounding mattresses can help you better sleep

Another strategy, a little more complicated, is to eliminate (at least while sleeping) all man-made electrical sources.

This means:

  • Powering off all devices including power strips
  • Disconnecting Wi-Fi routers and the like
  • Turning the main circuit breaker off

However, depending on where you live, there might be a lot of “dirty” electricity in the ground due to electrical distribution systems dumping their dirty neutral return currents in the Earth.

It’s really important, before you get a grounding mattress, to think about this in a case by case basis and have the proper professional services of an electrician to help navigate the wiring of your home and presence of “dirty” electricity in your immediate surroundings and if necessary, make appropriate remediation.

Laptop computer in a dark room.The blue light emitted from our computers and phones are said to also distort our sleeping patterns.

The best way to ground yourself is to walk barefoot in the grass or on the beach

Nothing like Mother Nature as a precautionary principle.

The precautionary principle applies where scientific evidence is insufficient, inconclusive or uncertain and preliminary scientific evaluation indicates that there are reasonable grounds for concern that the potentially dangerous effects on the environment, human, animal or plant health may be inconsistent with the high level of protection chosen.

You can apply the precautionary principle to achieve better sleep.
As we have seen throughout this series about sleep, better sleep is a very personal experience with individual nuances that all work together.

Better sleep is essential for us to thrive, work and contribute

Our homes and bedrooms can be examined to help us sleep better and stave-off possible health hazards from too much technology that, albeit invisible, are still omnipresent.

Want to know more on how to get better sleep? Curious about getting a grounding mattress?

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