Master these exercises to lose weight without agonizing in the process!

Do you find yourself buying fitness DVDs and swearing to use them, but have them sit and collect dust?

Do you sometimes wish you had the willpower to rise early and get to the gym before the day (and excuses) roll in?

I bet you want to have the discipline to frequently work-out and have fun while doing it.

How do those people that are fit and trim, make it happen?

Woman lacing up her sneakers while on a run.

It’s easy to sit back and skim over fitness magazines and the latest work-out book but never really getting off the couch and actually doing it!

With the 2 exercises to lose weight shown here you will have the basic ways to move and shed pounds. Exercise can become part of your routine.

Yes, it is attainable!

I’ve done the research for you, and I have done them myself and keep doing them. I walk my talk. Everything you need to get started is here.

Use these strategies anywhere, anytime to suit your lifestyle.

1. Walking

You might be thinking, walking? Seriously?

Yes. Practically everybody can do it, it requires no equipment and the easiest is to walk around your neighborhood. I'll explain what I did to avoid boredom in a little bit. Walking helped me shed the pounds.

Although walking is a great exercise to lose weight, it has to be done consistently, frequently and with purpose. Just roaming around gazing at the sky won’t cut it. Every step counts!

2. Strength Training

Strength training is the fountain of youth. Too bad it has a bad rap between women and its great benefits seem to be enjoyed mostly by men(!). Strength training is what I'm focusing on now to finish leaning out and toning up.

The myth that women will bulk up by lifting weights is so misguided it makes me angry! In my opinion, and I know I’m rambling here, if there’s any exercise that all women should be doing is strength training (lifting heavy!) and some form of self-defense too (but this last one I have not tackled so I won’t get into it).

Walking and strength training are easy exercises to lose weight but are not usually easy to appreciate.

They seem so simple that people doubt their power.

Person walking on a bridge in the Fall.

You don’t need to be in shape to start. Just have the desire to give it a try and learn.

Healthy people experience all the benefits of fitness and so can you!

Mother and daughter exercising together.

It’s about honoring what your body can do and the means to attain agility, vigor and strength.

Only the realistic and conscious people that believe in giving themselves and their body the best will take advantage of these 2 exercises to lose weight, and I’m sure you’re one of them, or else…

… you wouldn’t be reading these lines!

Anyone can start exercising but that doesn’t mean everybody will stick with it.

Become one of the few that persist. Let’s start!

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