Get filter water bottles and become an environmental hero

Sometimes, being environmentally aware can feel complicated.

So many things to worry about. Global warming. Rising oceans. Flooding. Recycling. GMO food. Lead in water. Etc. Etc. Etc.

It feels overwhelming.

Let’s go back to basics.

Get your hands on a filter water bottle to have clean water on the go leaving out plastic waste

Using a filter water bottle instead of buying bottled water is a great way to contribute to ridding the Earth of so many water bottles.

According to The World Counts, more than 100 million plastic bottles are used worldwide every day.

Drinking from a filter water bottle is better than drinking from plastic bottled water but never as good as drinking filtered and purified water at home.

If you want a filter water bottle that will make tap water just a little better, then you need one with a small filter element. Most will remove chlorine along with its nasty taste and smell and maybe some particulates.

As long as you are using tap water or any water that has been previously treated, a simple filter water bottle will be more than enough. These are great to fill up at home and take them with you as you go along in your day.

For more sophisticated water bottle filters (like for survival, camping, backpacking or adventure travel and any untreated source of water, go here).

Sport water bottleAthletes and professional cyclists, for example, know the benefits of staying hydrated with filtered, purified water.

How to use filter water bottles the right way

As with most carbon filters, the small filter works for a limited amount of time until it is depleted and needs to be replaced.

The best alternative is to have a filtration and purification mechanism at home and refiling a glass or stainless-steel bottle for hydration on the go.

When you’re making a trip to a lake, going camping or just taking a long hike, you might try instead a camping water filter, just in case you run dry and have to resort to last minute options.

Save the planet. Be ahead of the curve. Use filter water bottles.

Being health conscious, you’ll appreciate how alkaline water can positively affect your health with a tap water filter that does just that.

Or you can learn about reverse osmosis, it has its pros and cons, but is widely used in homes across the country.

Contact me anytime here, I would love to know your thoughts about this website and how I can make it even more useful for you.

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