Debunking home water filter myths

Has it crossed your mind to get a home water filter?

Has your town ever issued a boil alert after a water main break?

Have you been informed about the possibility of lead in tap water in your town lately?

Is the water coming out of your faucet rusty and foul?

Clean water keeps you healthy

Even though tap water is considered potable, as in fit for human consumption, it does not mean it is “pure” or completely “clean”.

Water contamination is becoming an issue in many towns across the country. Awareness about the quality of our water and its impact on our health is a growing trend.

Every day, families consider a home water filter to solve these issues.

As a matter of fact, residents of my town recently received letters informing all of us about unsafe levels of lead detected in our county.

Most people are concerned about the taste of their water, primarily caused by chlorine. This can easily be taken care of with a water filter pitcher. But this is like covering a scarred face with foundation, it’s just a superficial and fleeting fix.

ripples of waterPure water, a healthy drink that sustains all life on this planet. It's so vital, that we're looking for it in outer space!

There are several options to filter your water

The main difference is that home water filters will remove minerals and chemicals and water purifiers will remove viruses and bacteria. The key is to know what is in your water in the first place, so you know exactly what type of water filtration or purification you need.

Any drinking water filter is always a better choice than bottled water or just plain old tap water.

Whole house water filters are also known as point of entry systems. They are filters installed at the water inlet for the whole house, filtering every drop of water that comes into your home before it reaches other rooms, appliances, faucets. etc. These will be discussed in another article in depth.

Point of use systems are filters installed at the faucet, the point where water actually comes out to be consumed. These are the ones detailed in this section.

Home water filters for every need

The articles contained here will talk about the following types of drinking water filtration systems:

water bottle with lemonAdd zest to your water! Add lemon slices, pieces of fresh fruit and aromatic herbs.

Ideally, you want a home water filter and purifier at the same time

They do exist! If you want to know more about this, contact us.

The most common home water filtration systems are:

  • Activated carbon filters
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Water distillers
  • Water pitcher filters
  • Water ionizers
  • Water softeners

What are the differences? What do they remove?

Let’s dive in.

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