How to lose weight fast with the easiest workout ever: Walking! - Part 4

You think it won’t make a difference?

Are you thinking, it can’t be that easy? Well, it is.

The tricky part is starting and then sticking with it.

If you’re wondering how to lose weight fast without having to break a sweat, then taking a stroll is perfect for you.

Walking can be done practically anywhere, I suggest you start in your neighborhood.

Walking is feasible for pretty much anyone

A dog is a great companion but also your iPod. Walking is doable at any time of the day, I suggest you stick to daylight or be aware of your surroundings.

If you have jogged or have been running then even better, but for most of us, walking is a great way to start losing weight.

How can you make it work?

Woman tying up red sneakers.Don't get caught up in getting fancy gear to go walking, just lace up your sneakers and head out!
  • Walk with a purpose: have a plan
  • Walk like you mean it: pace, speed and balance
  • Take some time: schedule the time and duration

Once upon a time when I was in great shape, I logged a couple of miles every day during early Spring and throughout the Summer.

I remember I loved my walks, I would do one first thing in the morning or after arriving from work. I used to walk for 2 hours, covering 6 miles, listening to interesting, educational audio-books while navigating my neighborhood and getting to know every street and every corner.

The long days of Summer were perfect for this.

What kept me going at the time where the audio-books

I looked forward to what I would learn the next day or the excitement of starting a new book!

At the time I would walk at a fast pace, swinging my arms to keep up the speed but without it becoming too overpowering. I wanted to enjoy the scenery and kept an eye out for animals, flowers and how all of it changed as days passed by. I was able to talk and breathe.

Because I walked the neighborhood, sometimes the terrain would change and there would be small hills to increase intensity or I would cross a park to change things up.

This time around, using my treadmill helped me loose the 100lbs I have told you about.

Walking is how I lost weight fast

Girl jogging near grass.As you get into the rhythm of walking for weight loss you might add intervals of light jogging to burn more calories.

Scientific American magazine shared that a new study found that its participants that walked 30 minutes during the day reduced their risk of dying over a period of three years by 33%.

Even the classic Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans recommend 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity, like brisk walking, every week.

If you’re wondering how to lose weight fast, walking might just be your answer!

Walking will help you:

  • Manage stress and help you cope at work
  • Lose weight fast if you are consistent and do it briskly
  • Helps you focus, concentrate and clears your mind to increase productivity
  • Mange your moods and emotional roller-coaster improving creativity and reducing depression

According to Mayo Clinic, walking is a good strategy to lose weight as long as its duration and intensity is kept up and you clean your diet. It reports that 30 minutes of brisk walking every day can burn up to 150 calories per day.

Walking is a great addition to your daily habits to help you lose weight fats, And it’s even more important once you’ve lost the weight.

Building up your muscles to help you burn calories effortlessly is a huge part of maintaining proper weight

We’ve talked about focusing on losing fat first, while adding walking to your routine. This is the best way to conquer how to lose weight fast.

As we’ll see in the next Part of this series, strength training will help you lose the last pounds because when you build muscle you also lose weight, albeit more slowly.

Build muscle and lose weight for a body your friends will envy!

Part 5 – Strength training to build muscle and lose weight

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