Use a shower head water filter to have model-worthy hair and baby-soft skin!

How often do you agonize when trying to get your hair to behave?

Maybe you cringe while looking at those locks in the mirror. Maybe they’re limp and dull. Or maybe the wild frizz is out of whack.

You roll your eyes and head-off, thinking it’s just a bad hair day… another bad hair day.

But, your hair is trying its best, the culprit might be just a couple of feet away

Let me explain.

Have you noticed scale build-up in your shower head or the walls of your bathroom?

Does your glassware come out of the washing machine with white speckles?

Is your skin itchy or your hair frail?

Girl in showerShower with filtered water to soften hard minerals, remove chemicals and reduce contaminants. Your skin is a sponge, it absorbs everything!

This is all caused by hard water, aka: water with too many minerals

People with sensitive skin tend to suffer more with hard water because it’s difficult to dissolve soap, so it ends up leaving a thin layer of soap on your skin.

Why is water hard?

Well, don’t forget that water has made a long journey before it reached your shower head

For example:

Any faucet (including your shower head) is attached to your home’s plumbing system, which in turn is linked to the town’s water supply lines which are then hooked-up to the city’s water mains and these big pipes are ultimately connected to the water treatment plant.

The water treatment plant is fed with water that has been channeled for many miles drawn from a water reservoir someplace in your county which in turn is fed by rivers, streams, lakes, ponds and wells around your State, and these are part of a sort of vascular water system that reaches out into neighboring states and entire regions.

Hard water contains high levels of minerals that accumulate naturally as water trickles through sand, limestone and soil picking up mineral as it travels through our groundwater supply.

This high mineral content (calcium and magnesium and also iron) interacts with soap in a particular way.

The minerals in hard water combine with soap making it a gelatinous curd

Glassware in washing machineYour crystal will come out of the washing machine spotless if you have a water softener.

This curd is sticky and difficult to dissolve. That’s why you end-up with scale build-up on your surfaces, pipes and even your skin. And it’s also the reason why we tend to use a lot of shampoo and shower gel.

The way to change the hardness of water is to change the charge of the mineral’s ions to remove them from water.

If you water is not too hard, a magnetic water conditioner could do the trick. A shower head water filter with a magnetic field changes the behavior of these minerals making them flow freely instead of clinging onto surfaces.

Other options include shower head filters using potassium chloride. Potassium will be released into the water efficiently removing the magnesium and calcium from water.

Salt-free water softeners work by producing a range of frequencies that change the atomic structure of minerals making them move freely and avoiding build-up.

Sodium water softeners work with resin beads and salt. They are very effective but require replacing salt periodically.

Some of the benefits of a shower head water filter:

  • healthier, younger-looking hair and skin
  • less fading of colored-treated hair
  • relief from dry skin and scalp irritations
  • reduced exposure to harmful contaminants breathed in
  • less use of soap, shampoos and conditioners
  • reduced scale and scum build-up

Soft water, ideal for showering, can make your skin feel like it has a slick texture, very different from the usual squeaky-clean feel.

This is a matter of personal preference

Some people don’t like this slippery feeling.

However, the fact of the matter is that with soft water, soap and shampoo will more easily be washed off and so your skin will be free of the residue.

Using a shower filter is not only good for dealing with hard water issues but also needed to filter out harmful chemicals that your body is absorbing.

Girl with great hairYour skin will glow, eczema and rosacea will diminish, and your hair will shine and become stronger when you use a shower head water filter.

A hot steamy shower:

  • opens your pores and this increases the absorption of chlorine and other chemicals present in your water
  • the steamy water evaporates, and these gases get inhaled in high concentrations into your lungs and go directly to your bloodstream as you’re taking a shower

Hard water is great for drinking but not so great to bathe in.

A shower head water filter will protect your skin and hair from the harshness of minerals. And if you decide to go with a whole house filter and softener, you’ll rest assured for good.

Learn some amazing facts about hard water and how you can literally “see” it in your skin in this article.

If you’re planning a camping trip or are taking a hiking trip, make sure you get all the facts about camping water filters. They are good not only for camping but for all outdoorsy people. They keep you safe!

If you have any questions, I’ll be happy to answer them, please contact me here.

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