Top tap water contaminants

It’s no secret that the water we are drinking from our public suppliers is full of contaminants.

Albeit potable, the liquid holds bacteria, parasites, heavy metals, pesticides and all sorts of other toxic substances.

Even in tiny amounts, in the long run, the health effects can be devastating. We’re just not sure how fast and how bad it will affect each and every one of us.

This battle can be won, and you can start by considering a water filter and purifier to shield yourself and avoid all these health hazards.

Who has time to deal with tap water contaminants, anyway?

I’m pretty sure your day is spent juggling a myriad of things at the same time. We need to be at our best at work, be present for our family and friends, take time to work out, take care of house chores and try to sneak-in a moment of peace.

Clean water, free of contaminants is an essential component for good health.

A specialized water filter will purify your water at home for total peace of mind.

Bubbling dirty waterNot your idea of clean, drinking water... Water contamination is a real issue that affects us all.

Yet, how bad is tap water?

To give you an analogy:

Have you been to one of those public swimming pools? As most of us do, you might have had the uncanny thought of who might be peeing in it, right?

Well, if the swimming pool had a designated corner for peeing, would the rest of the swimming pool’s water be free of pee, if they only used that corner?

No, right?

It’s the same thing with drinking water. Water coming out of your faucets is part of a greater whole. You can’t “compartmentalize” your home’s water, it’s part of a system.

In fact, it’s part of an ecosystem!

For example: Your faucet is attached to your home’s plumbing system, which in turn is connected to the town’s water supply lines which are then linked to the town’s water mains and these big pipes are ultimately connected to the water treatment plant of your county.

The water treatment plant is filled with water that has been channeled in a network of many miles drawn from a water reservoir someplace in your county which in turn is fed by rivers, streams, lakes, ponds and wells around your State or region, and these are part of a sort of vascular water system that reaches out into neighboring states and entire regions of the country.

But not all water is equally contaminated.

Turbid water faucetTurbidity is water with suspended particles causing it to look brown and hazy.

How about the water in your town?

I understand that this issue is tricky because the bigger picture does not take into account your town’s infrastructure nor your watershed’s health.

However, all homes should be aware of the health of their drinking water.

There are five (5) categories of contaminants:

  1. Particles – sediment, rust, silt and asbestos
  2. Bacteria – e.coli and salmonella
  3. Parasites – giardia, cryptosporidium
  4. Metals – lead, arsenic, mercury and aluminum
  5. Chemical – pharmaceuticals, pesticides, chlorine, ammonia, MTBE (petroleum byproducts), herbicides, trihalomethanes, PFOA’s (plastics), nitrates, fluoride.

Want to have peace of mind when you pour yourself a glass of water?

Pure water pouring.This is our idea of a glass being filled with clean, purified water. A healthy drink!

Want to make sure all the bad stuff is removed from your water?

The best water purifier is a broad spectrum one, taking care of all 5 categories of contaminants.

Great tasting, clean, pure water is the result!

Throw away your Brita jar, get a decent home water filter system! Why would you want anything less?

It’s like expecting to cross the ocean with a little kayak instead of getting a decent sailboat. You will eventually cross the ocean in the kayak but at disproportionate risk and in a really long time – and get one helluva a sunburn!

A home water purifier is essential to adequately remove contaminants, especially the so called “emerging” contaminants.

These articles are for people that want to get healthy and are concerned about the quality of their tap water and care about the environment but don’t know what they’re doing wrong.

We all use a priceless gift every time we open the faucet: running water!

Helping you connect the dots about the state of our water

Tap water contaminants, what nobody is telling you:

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