Reasons a tap water filter will make you healthier

She looks effortlessly healthy. Glowing skin and trim body.

The ad says she drinks alkaline water.

Alkaline water?” you ask. “What the heck is that?

Believe it or not water has a pH, it can be alkaline or acidic

Acidic water (low pH <6.5) is generally corrosive, leaching metals from plumbing fixtures and piping. To counteract this, public water systems usually add minerals to neutralize the acidity of water (specially to reduce lead pipes from oozing lead into drinking water).

That’s why some people have to change their metal piping or have problems with water tasting metallic or sour and it can even stain laundry and sinks or drains with a blue-green tint.

Glasses with lemon waterYou've probably heard about the health benefits of drinking water with lemon. Lemon naturally alkalizes water and makes it taste great and refreshing!

Have you heard of acid rain?

Atmospheric pollution produces acid rain which harms plants, starves aquatic life and cripples infrastructure.

Alkaline water (high pH >8.5) is usually high in minerals and although hard, it does not pose a health risk. As a matter of fact, minerals in water are essential for healthy bones and teeth.

You might want to soften water to take care of your appliances, but that is another subject. For more info go here.

You can easily measure your waters’ pH using a litmus paper (you can get it in pet supply stores, they use it to check the pH of aquariums). If it comes out red or yellow, it’s indicating acidity. If it comes out green or blue, it means water is alkaline.

A quality tap water filter will make your water alkaline while purifying it

Why would you want that?

Alkaline water is best for your health. For example, pure water is neutral (pH of 7) and blood is alkaline (pH of 7.4). On the contrary, urine, is acidic (pH of 5) – no wonder your body excretes it off!

Have alkaline water at your fingertips with a tap water filter.

Want to increase your gut health?

Are you tired of chronic heart burn or acid reflux?

Naturally alkaline water is rich in minerals which make the water’s pH alkaline

Test tubes with waterWater has a natural pH of 7.5, tap water has a pH of around 7. However bottled water usually is more acidic - not so great.

This alkalinity comes from mineral-rich water containing calcium, magnesium and other minerals that are good for our bodies.

Some fancy tap water filters are usually concerned with making the water more or less alkaline. They are water ionizers intended to change the oxidation reduction potential (ORP) of the water for different uses.

These are some of the claims that a few tap water filters make to their clients. To an extent they may be true, true with respect to the pH of the water these filters produce.
This is achieved by means of electrolysis, an artificial mechanism to create alkaline water. The ionizer performs low voltage electrodyalisis on tap water to reduce water by charging it with positive ions, achieving an alkaline pH.

Water ionizers, usually sold as a tap water filter, makes the water’s pH alkaline by separating the water molecule in a chamber with titanium electrodes.

How to these tap water filters work?

As the water molecules are separated, the ionizer produces two streams of water: alkaline water in one end and acidic water on another. Some of these tap water filters or ionizers need additional chemicals to help the machine reach the right pH needed.

These chemicals enhancers (calcium glycerophosphate) might not be great for your health.

The key element in water ionizers are the electrodes.

These may come as flat plates, mesh or grids. Each have different grades of durability and efficiency. The coating on these electrodes is also an important factor, more layers of the coating make for more durable plates. The size of them also makes them more or less efficient and the overall power of the machine (watts) impacts its performance.

Even though alkaline water is touted as a health miracle and even as a powerful antioxidant, true alkaline water is naturally mineral-rich.

So, if you’re drinking water with natural minerals you are doing what’s best for your health.

The benefits of a water ionizer as a tap water filter are:

  • gives you 9.5pH water instantly
  • has a basic carbon filter to remove chlorine, bad taste and foul odors
  • small footprint, easy installation

Some of the cons of these water ionizers as tap water filters are:

  • slow water flow rate (most market ionizers work at producing 1 liter per minute, that means you will fill an 8oz glass of water in 30 seconds)
  • issues with the quality of the electrode coatings, repair and assembly of parts and ongoing maintenance
  • outdated electrolysis technology and poor-quality control

There is no doubt that drinking alkaline water is good for your health

Using filtered and purified water is also key for many other situations and uses. Read more here for healthy living.

If you’re worried about your children’s health, check out our article about fluoride in water and how to fix this growing problem at home.

Apart from distillation, there are other great ways to filter water, making it taste great. Just head over to our page about carbon water filters.

And if you’re the proud owner of a Brita pitcher, like so many people, please do yourself a favor and read here to learn the truth about their exaggerated claims.

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