Who else wants to know if a water filter pitcher is good enough?

You know the typical Brita pitchers we all buy at the supermarket? And then we have to buy the replacement filters every 3 months or so?

It says on the label that it removes all sorts of stuff, but, does it?

Apart from being convenient and making us feel that we’re doing something good for our health, do they remove any contaminants?

Do water filter pitchers really remove 99.99% of lead? For just $20?

The makers of water pitchers usually mention the removal of CTO

Which means Chlorine, Taste and Odor.

The maker only guarantees that the filter will remove chlorine and so improve taste and odor, but it might not remove other contaminants.

They might mention they reduce contaminants, but we don’t know to what extent

For example, in a scale from 1 to 100, lead might be reduced from 100 to 99, they can claim the filter reduces lead, but will it help you get cleaner water? No.

Splash of water outdoorsBrita pitchers claim to filter unwanted contaminants, but for just a couple of bucks, do you believe them?

A water filter pitcher usually contains a small loose carbon media filter which removes carbon-bonded chemicals (such as chlorine). You can even see small particles of carbon floating around in the water chamber.

The filter removes the bad taste and smell of chlorine giving you the sense that it is cleaning up your water. However, it has not really purified your water, it merely just made a cosmetic improvement by means of its granular single stage filter.

If you read the fine print, all these filter pitchers claim to “reduce” tastes and odors when all other major contaminants might not have a taste nor odor.

This one clever trick is the best:

Another claim they usually make in their labels is that their filter has been “independently tested to ANSI/NSF standards” but this does not mean they passed the test and certainly doesn’t mean the filter is certified.

Clever use of words.

If you think that a $20 water filter pitcher is purifying your water and removing most if not all contaminants, think again.

It’s like expecting to buy a car with the budget for a bicycle.

Invest in a decent water filter

One which is dependable and gives you peace of mind.

You might want to learn about carbon water filters, one of the best options.

Definitely take some time to read about shower head water filters, you’ll be glad you did, not many people know what’s going on in their showers.

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